Follow our step below to register/log in to the site and then send us your mentos/playlist.

Log in or Register

1. Click on Log in in the top header bar

001 - register

2. Either log in using your WordPress account or register for free – simply create a Username and input your email (so a temporary password can be sent to you)

002 - create a username and enter your email

3. Go to your email and find the email with your password. Copy your password. Click on the link

003a - go to your email and get your password

003b - go to your email and get your password

4. Log in using your Username and temporary password.

004a - log in

004b - log in

5. You will now be in your dashboard!

005a - dashboard

Adding your playlist

6. To add your playlist click on Add New Post

005 - dashboard - add new post

7. Add a title for your playlist

006 - add a title for your mentos (playlist)

8. Now go to Spotify and open the program

007a - go to Spotify

9. Find the playlist you wish to add. Right click on it and scroll down to Copy Spotify URI

008 - right click on your playlist to copy the URI to your clipboard

10. Go back to your new post and paste in the Spotify URI

009a - paste your URI into your post

..which will then add in as a hyperlink the name of the playlist as used in Spotify.

Optional: Add an intro to your post if you want to so we can use it as an excerpt.

009b - paste your URI into your post

11. Then send it through to us by clicking Submit for Review. Simple!

We’ll do the rest and publish your playlist to the site.

10 - submit it to us

12. We’ll email you to tell you when it’s live. Then share it with your friends, family, dog etc and get their admiration for your music!